Change is here

“BitsyBetter” was founded to help you become a Bitsy Better version of yourself. Whether you are a student trying to ace those tests, an entrepreneur pursuing a new endeavour or an athlete aiming to maximize performance, our message goes out to all of you.

Driven by our community

Together with you we strive for a Bitsy Better, every day. A nutritional supplement can sometimes give you the impression that you should become a super (wo)man, while this is generally not the case. Nevertheless, we do believe that in some cases it can be just the right boost you need.


Become a part of our community, become a Bitsy Better.

Our journey began in 2016 when we started as ‘Studeerpil’ and in 2019 we continued as “Bitsybetter”. The core of “BitsyBetter” is not only about the performance enhancing products we create. We believe that sharing useful tips about optimizing is at least as important as our products.