100% Guarantee

We firmly believe that Bitsybetter will help you during your exam week, working week or just when you need some extra relaxation or sleep. We really believe in how our products work, so we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products, so you can try them risk-free. If, after 3 doses (6 capsules), you find out it’s not for you, just return the packaging and we’ll make sure that the purchase price is back in your account. You have to order our products yourself first, unfortunately it is not the case that we send free packaging to try.


1. It is important that our capsules are used correctly.
2. You get three times the chance to try our products (6 capsules). If you send us a package with less than 24 capsules, the right to the 100% guarantee unfortunately lapses.
3. We will refund the purchase price as soon as we have received your returned package.
4. The package must be returned within 60 days of purchase.
5. Send an email to info@bitsybetter.com for further handling.